Connecting Your
Teams to the World

SIPPIO Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams





SIPPIO enables Office 365 Teams Direct Routing
with certified, global, flexible, ready-to-use services
across cloud, premise or hybrid.

SIPPIO Connect provides the ability to positively impact communication and collaboration.

Integrate voice to drive total team engagement for collaboration, free capital and maintenance costs, untether employees and connect people effectively.

Enhance the performance and ROI of your Microsoft investment by unifying the user experience across legacy systems, Teams client and mobile access. 

Migrate at your own pace from legacy telephony systems to advance the modern workplace and enhance employee experience. 

Start voice collaboration directly in the cloud with unlimited domestic calls and pay-as-you-consume international calls in a monthly plan.

Move and grow at your own pace accessing voice collaboration directly in the cloud for a few users, large business unit or an entire organization by having a unified experience across handsets, soft clients, web and mobile devices.

Bridge your legacy telephony infrastructure with the modern collaboration experience. Keep your existing system, add new users directly to cloud or plan for a future upgrade.
Utilize voice collaboration to have local presence and numbers around the world in a pay-as-you-consume international usage plan.
Make it easy for educators to adopt voice collaboration by deploying an Education-only consumption model to empower dynamic learning and collaboration.

The SIPPIO platform has the huge advantage of not only bringing cost savings to the customer, and leverages there existing telecom platform to enable a seamless transition to the voice capabilities in Microsoft Teams.

Rob Hird, Director of Managed Services, Telanet

The SIPPIO team provides excellent support, listens to their users & continually works to improve their product.

Lisa Smith, Northeast Comm

Thank you for your very professional and prompt response. I wished I had found you before I spent money on a competitors offer.

William Senske, Bluepipe