100 Days of Summer

Ignite your growth
with SIPPIO this Summer

Join us in making the 100 Days of Summer memorable for your customers and your organization by offering free-trial voice subscriptions with SIPPIO for Microsoft Teams Phone or Zoom Phone.

The Opportunity

Pitch Free Trials

Let your customers touch, feel, and appreciate voice in collaboration while showcasing your expertise. Set clear timelines, goals, and expectations with our simple-to-use app that activates a 30-day subscription.

Why This Works

Boost Sales Confidence

Trials increase customer confidence and provide a risk-free environment to explore the voice functions of collaboration tools. SIPPIO’s 99% effective win rate across our partners and carriers proves that our methods work.


Get Incentives

Partners who successfully schedule 100 trial seats in 100 days will enter our new Strategic Partner program. Here, you will receive an increased discount for opportunities that turn into active subscriptions.

“Join us and increase your monthly recurring revenue while securing your base and attracting new customers.”
Dawn-Marie Elder

Here To Help

Getting Started is Easy

We provide valuable resources to expedite your trials and ensure success, such as our marketing hub, training program, and 24×7 technical support. Use these resources to efficiently manage your trials and engage your customers with confidence.

Marketing Hub

Building awareness is the first step in a trial. Leverage our Marketing Hub assets for ready-to-use email scripts, social media posts, Google Ads, and more.

THRIVE Program

Build a comprehensive roadmap to enhance your sales performance from the ground up. Learn how to build robust customer relationships, move through ensuring product adoption, and culminate in delivering long-term value.

Personalized Support

Need help? Your SIPPIO account manager can schedule a sales and marketing consultation with your team.

“Share your successes. Whether it's a great prospecting idea, a compliment from a customer, an amazing trial, a successful customer conversion, or a pleasant app experience - share your wins with us.”
Steve Forcum
Director of Program Management

Want to Learn More?

Connect with SIPPIO

If you’re eager to explore more about the 100 Days of Summer Challenge and how you can achieve greater success, schedule a meeting with your account manager today.