Microsoft Teams is the most rapidly adopted solution in the company’s 45-year history and offers free browser access to students. Schools and companies trust that it is safe, secure and compliant with today’s changing realities. SIPPIO Puts Voice in Teams to modernize the learning environment and provide a full collaboration solutionLearn how to: 

  • Improve engagement between staff and students
  • Help teachers improve productivity and manage workloads 
  • Give greater flexibility to teaching personnel 
  • Mange telephony costs  
  • Maintain adherence to all necessary compliance and security standards 

A Better Learning Environment 

SIPPIO enables users to speak with people outside of an organization as easily as they speak with colleagues, all through the Microsoft Teams interface. With no set-up cost and no fixed contract, it makes voice and modern collaboration available wherever users, teachers and administrators choose to work – desk phone, laptop, mobile or tablet. Best of all, it can be used as a pure cloud solution, integrated with an existing PBX or run alongside it.  

Asking the Impossible 

School Systems often need to meet competing goals. First, they need to maintain access to traditional desk phones in every class and support analog devices including school security systems, surveillance equipment, elevators and fax machines on their existing telephony system. However, they want to provide staff the ability to speak with people outside of the organization via the Teams interface to modernize their collaboration platform.  

A Flexible Solution 

SIPPIO hosts Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS) to provide Education Connect, a competitively priced voice per user per month package for educators. Paired with Legacy Connect, SIPPIO integrates existing telephony infrastructures into the Microsoft Teams environment. Simplby reading Active Directory, Legacy Connect determines if the user is a traditional phone or Teams user and renders the call accordingly. Rather than relying on hair-pinning or rudimentary call forward, Legacy Connect is a seamless integration solution. This, coupled with the in-built compliance and Tier 1 grade carrier services around the world, ensures the entire school system will always have access whenever and wherever its staff chose to make a call.  

A+ Grade Deployments 

By rolling out SIPPIO and Microsoft Teamsschool systems can realize several benefits:  

  • Greater flexibility for teaching staff: Calls with parents or off-site colleagues can be done away from the school environment without sharing a teacher’s personal contact details.  
  • Convenient control of voice costs: At the click of a button, voice services can be scaled down during quiet summer periods, or ramped up just as quickly, so a school system never pays for more voice services than it needs.  
  • Acceleration of new IT projects: IT staff spend less time managing PBX updates so their time can be better deployed on new learning initiatives.  
  • Increased focus on highvalue learning activities: By automating repetitive tasks, providing access to useful educational enhancements including quizzes and auto-grading functionality, Microsoft Teams is the central collaboration hub for schools. It frees up teachers to focus on higher value learning activities including lesson planning and spending face-to-face time with students with video conferencing and meetings. 
  • Rationalization of admin time and costsUsing Teams as a central location to share files and updates on admin processes, protocolskey dates and meeting outputs means less coordination, less duplication and less travel between the multiple school sites.  
  • Peace of mind: Microsoft provides peace of mind for security, compliance and privacy of schools, staff and students. 

Take a Peek 

Visit our SIPPIO YouTube Channel to view short 45 to 90 second videos on how to leverage Voice in Teams features. If you’d like to explore SIPPIO, contact your reseller or drop us a line at and we’ll connect you with our education team. 


Dawn-Marie Elder is COO, TelAgility. SIPPIO is a TelAgility product.

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