Last week I was in Las Vegas for Microsoft Inspire. Their event went digital but since I still had hotel accommodations and a teenager vying for escape, we went anyhow and watched the sessions from a cabana.

Microsoft Inspire outdid themselves in their digital format. The rendering of Judson Althoff from an empty arena tickled me because I was right there! The choose your own adventure was a great way to highlight various customers. The moderators, Aliesha Pulliam and Jeff Dubois, were able to recreate some of the in-person excitement partners feel under the all the lights, sounds and videos. They did it differently, it reminded me of a Saturday morning sports show lead up to a big SEC college football game. And finally, the ask the experts break-outs were well timed and managed.

My favorite two sessions were:

1.      Doubling down on disruption – Developing compelling offers for a post-COVID world from Mark Stuyt at Neural Impact Inc. Mark had really astute insight into how buyers are changing and how we have quickly pivot to solve problems. Customers don’t want “it’s depends” as an answer for a large, complicated professional services engagement. They want automation and easy activation in the cloud.

2.      Satya Nudella’s interview with Gavriella Schuster focusing on Microsoft’s partner-led  strategy and commitment to “doubling their efforts around partner engagement and inclusion toward the overall vision and strategy of Microsoft”. Lots of organizations have partner ecosystems and lots of them are challenging. The ecosystem at Microsoft is vast and it’s important for them to continue to question, respond and pivot for success.

At SIPPIO, we realize we are a little piece of the grander ecosystem which is why we get up earlier, we try harder, we deliver and automate more and we communicate frequently to set the gold standard for Voice as a Service in Microsoft Teams. We invite you to kick our architecture tires, utilize our automated activation panel and experience the quality of our voice expertise. Our job is to make your job easier by offering Voice in Teams.