The challenges of migrating to a new communications platform can be daunting for many companies. Adding to the complexity is the realization that voice is a critical component of a holistic UC strategy & legacy platforms don’t always lend themselves to that approach. Many enterprises have complex legacy set ups which span multiple PBX platforms each with its own set up of applications. This places a heavy burden on migration planning and decommissioning to ensure companies get the full benefits of moving to a cloud based UC offering.

SIPPIO provides a flexible approach allowing customers to begin their migration journey to a cloud platform by providing a logical, efficient path to a fully voice enabled cloud based UCaaS platform based on the customer’s needs. Legacy Connect allows customers to link their disparate PBX platforms to the cloud leveraging cloud based or virtual SBCs. The immediate benefits of simplified dial plan management can be realized while providing a seamless way to migrate on a site by site basis. Once a site is chosen for migration, the user profiles can be collected and provisioned using our Voice Panel automation tool in MS teams. The on premise gateway can be reused to provide the local PSTN gateway service as well as to service any analog station requirements. Once all users are moved over to Microsoft Teams, the PBX is simply decommissioned. If the site hosts critical applications it would normally fall later in a migration process.) An example would be a Contact Center.) Microsoft offers native integration to 3 different platform providers today with more to come. This allows customers to consider a more tightly integrated approach to Microsoft Teams.

In conclusion, SIPPIO can deliver a very thoughtful migration approach that is easy and repeatable across a customer’s voice infrastructure. Leveraging SIPPIO provides customers the ability to drive value and increase productivity while continuing to be agile in their changing ecosystem.