SIPPIO Uncovered: LIVE from London with David Spindler and Dawn-Marie Elder

Learn how SIPPIO is meeting the ever-evolving demands of our customers in the telecoms space.

In this special episode, we’re excited to welcome two leading minds in the telecoms industry – David Spindler, our Senior Vice President of Digital Operations, and Dawn-Marie Elder, our Chief Operating Officer. They’ll be diving deep into the world of SIPPIO, a cutting-edge platform designed to transform the way carriers and operators interact with Microsoft Teams Phone and Zoom Phone.

Join us as David and Dawn-Marie share the behind-the-scenes journey of developing and engineering SIPPIO to meet the ever-evolving demands of our customers in the telecoms space. Learn about the challenges they faced, the innovative solutions they devised, and the key features that set SIPPIO apart from other platforms on the market.

In this fascinating conversation, you’ll hear about:

  1. The technology behind SIPPIO and how it revolutionizes the telecoms experience for businesses.
  2. The agile development process and how it has contributed to SIPPIO’s success.
  3. The unique challenges of the telecoms space and how SIPPIO tackles them head-on.
  4. How SIPPIO’s intuitive user interface and advanced capabilities enable businesses to streamline their telecom operations and achieve unparalleled efficiency.
  5. Customer success stories and the real-world impact of SIPPIO on businesses across industries.

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