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How does SIPPIO offer a ‘Gold Standard’ and support recycling?2021-07-30T09:39:10-04:00

SIPPIO offers the gold standard of Direct Routing by offering a full end to end solution for Microsoft in the cloud, using Azure, security best practices, and derived trunks to reduce direct connections and hardware. A full suite of automation tools ensure customers activate in minutes and partners can easily manage their voice practice to drive more value from investments.

In a cloud native solution, any necessary hardware is shared in a common data center which reduces overall hardware footprint. SIPPIO leverages Microsoft Azure to ensure the voice platform auto-scales to prevent idly running hardware, reduce cooling and other resources which makes for a greener data center.

SIPPIO suggests customers consider using computer speakers or headsets instead of phones to modernize the desktop and reduce plastics. This also provides a health benefit for users by improving posture and a productivity benefit by allowing untethered users to move more freely.

We also urge customers to recycle old servers and phones to ensure they don’t pile up in a landfill. Maybe your old device will become a future Olympic medal someday!

Read more informationals at FAQ – SIPPIO, review the current SIPPIO subscriptions at Pricing – SIPPIO and learn more about Recycled Olympic MedalsWhat Olympic medals are made of and the current list of medal winners.

How does SIPPIO voice traffic travel?2021-07-23T09:33:25-04:00

SIPPIO routes voice traffic around the world through 8 Azure data regions which are fully meshed together and across one another for high availability, redundancy and failover. An extensive Azure footprint ensures low latency and minimum hops to connect all your calls.

Voice Panel provides capability for customers to control their routing policies and priorities in a fully automated interface available via Teams app or a browser. Built in Azure, SIPPIO provides safe, secure and encrypted calls for data privacy, compliance and peace of mind. Subscriptions are available natively in 60 countries or through Carrier Connect for more difficult to reach locations.

Read more informationals at FAQ – SIPPIO, review SIPPIO’s native coverage and learn more about the unusual ways the Olympic Torch has been carried. Options to watch the opening ceremonies include a rebroadcast on NBC from 7:30 p.m.-12 a.m. ET or stream them online with Sling TV, fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Peacock, AT&T TV, and YouTube TV. View the full schedule of Olympic events to catch your favorite!

What does SIPPIO think about diversity, the potential impact of these events and working with different types of partners?2021-07-16T09:44:47-04:00

SIPPIO was inspired (pun intended) to market the positive values of Olympics, Microsoft and others to unite our ecosystem of partners, carriers, customers and suppliers. We believe companies with greater diversity are seen as more desirable to work for and also outshine and outperform their competitors. We are continually seeking to develop greater diversity among our workforce – especially the diversity of thinking and doing – since this brings us more flexibility and innovation, and allows us to create value for our partners.

Currently our workforce identifies as 51% diverse and we regularly participate in events, education and mentoring to supply women, students and minorities with opportunity in the ever changing world of technology. As a Microsoft gold, preferred co-sell partner, we value and appreciate being a part of their channel ecosystem. Every day we are inspired by our partners. In fact, many of the new features of Partner Portal were suggested and developed from partner feedback.

Read more informationals at FAQ – SIPPIO, read our inspire blog, learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at the Olympics and read Microsoft’s 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Report. If you have feedback or ideas for SIPPIO, we’d love to hear from you – drop us a line at hello@sippio.io or sign up to talk with one of our Channel Account Managers over  a cup of coffee.

How does SIPPIO leverage automation?2021-07-09T11:04:46-04:00

SIPPIO’s mission is to deliver great customer experiences. Traditional direct routing solutions are built one by one at a customer site. SIPPIO automation simplifies the activation and user management process with no code, no build and no maintenance leveraging a highly secure and standardized platform. Voice Panel automation saves on human resources, reduces costs and increases speed to market to empower admins and simplify support.

We don’t have robot ‘bots’ that take selfies or make coffee (yet) but we accept all feature and feedback requests directly in Partner Portal to focus ongoing development efforts on automating key business functions to drive value.

Read more informationals at FAQ – SIPPIO, visit SIPPIO’s new tools page at Home – SIPPIO and Meet the robots of the Tokyo Olympics.

What’s Direct Routing?2020-11-05T20:43:04-05:00

Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing lets you connect a supported Session Border Controller (SBC) to Microsoft Phone System. Direct Routing allows you to decide how to provide voice to Office 365. With SIPPIO’s global reach, you can bring your own carrier or leverage our carrier services knowing you are safe, certified and secure.

Can I still use my 3rd -party system?2021-07-08T14:16:13-04:00

Yes! Direct Routing and SIPPIO allows you to leverage Microsoft Teams and continue to realize the investment and value of 3rd-party systems including PBX, call center features and analog devices.

How do you handle analog?2021-07-08T14:16:49-04:00

AudioCodes offers a fax solution for analog; however, we recommend electronic faxing if you are able to switch over because analog was not built for the internet. Our hosted solution is 100% running on AudioCodes and Microsoft. They offer gateways for various business purposes such as e-fax, elevators, door locks, etc. AudioCodes offers a series of Teams enabled and Teams native phones; these can be procured from them via standard Capex or as a device-as-a-service (DaaS) on the same monthly billing as the SIPPIO Service.

Does SIPPIO offer number porting, emergency services and toll-free support?2020-11-05T20:40:24-05:00


SIPPIO vs. another Calling Plan2020-11-05T20:42:19-05:00

SIPPIO keeps it simple. We offer a flexible and economical calling plan with a vast international footprint. Our calling plans are designed to be easy and we have no upfront, carrier service or monthly commit. You simply pay for what you use.

How do I buy and pay for SIPPIO?2020-11-05T20:45:52-05:00
SIPPIO is offered by an ecosystem of IT/Telecom Agents, Telecom VARs, Systems Integrators, IT Resellers, Wholesalers and Distributors. Contact your Trusted Advisor today or drop us a line at hello@sippio.io.
What do I need to get started?2020-11-05T20:46:35-05:00

In order to enable calling services in Microsoft Teams with SIPPIO, you will need a Phone System License or have E5/A5 as part of your Microsoft 365 bundle. This can be procured from your reseller or CSP.

How does fail-over work?2021-07-08T14:17:33-04:00

Our solution is built in Azure and benefits from all the availability and redundancy features that comes with it.

SIPPIO’s failover can be covered in different areas.

  • Geographical Presence: SIPPIO has servers in 5 different Azure regions and will grow according to business grow. All the components have direct connection with each other on the Azure backend network, which according to Microsoft has less than 15ms round trip time.
  • Redundancy and failover on carrier:  All our SBCs are connected to several carriers allowing us to have failover and redundancy at carrier level. If a carrier fails, the system will automatically route the calls to the other carriers.
  • Redundancy and failover on routes: SIPPIO has an advanced mechanism for selecting the best and most efficient route for calls. By leveraging Audio codes ARM servers and geographically spreading them in different regions we can make sure that all the SBC have access to their closest routing manager.
  • Redundancy and failover on SBC: SIPPIO currently has 5 dynamic SBC in 5 Azure regions and will expand with business growth. Our AudioCodes SBCs are dynamic in a way that they expand and shrink with the traffic load. All the connections to the SBCs are based on Names and FQDN. This will allow our system to automatically connect the end points to another SBC if an entire Azure region goes down.
  • Redundancy and failover at Teams: By using SIPPIO, customers are connecting their tenant to an FQDN which is pointing to our SBC. In the back end we are leveraging advanced DNS features to handle the traffic and connect customers to the closest SBC. If one SBC goes down, it will automatically connect customers to other available SBCs.
Will this work with AudioCodes, Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, etc. handsets?2020-08-04T16:36:07-04:00


Do you support cell phones, soft clients, desk phones and all combinations?2020-08-04T16:36:50-04:00
Yes! Today’s users mix and match their communication and collaboration ‘devices’ based on where they are, what they are doing and even whom they might be talking with. Users can make and take calls however they choose.
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