Set sail with SIPPIO this August at our inaugural conference

Transform your Microsoft Teams Phone experience and explore the possibilities of calling and beyond. SIPPIO’s Fleet Week is your all-access pass to a week of unparalleled insights, actionable strategies, and a vibrant community of experts ready to guide you through the future of voice.

Together With

Tango Networks
ZK Research

Welcome to Fleet Week, August 5-9

SIPPIO’s Fleet Week is your virtual gateway to the future of voice communication in Microsoft Teams.

Join us for a week of immersive sessions designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to maximize the potential of Microsoft Teams Phone and beyond.

What is Fleet Week?

Fleet Week is SIPPIO’s premier virtual conference, bringing together industry leaders, technology experts, and the SIPPIO community to explore the latest advancements, best practices, and innovations in Microsoft Teams voice communication.

Keynote Presentations: Hear from visionaries and thought leaders on the state of voice communication and what lies ahead.

SIPPIO Roadmap Unveiled: Get a sneak peek at the exciting features and enhancements coming to the SIPPIO platform.

Microsoft Teams Phone Deep Dive: Learn how to leverage the full power of Microsoft Teams Phone for your business.

Operator Connect Insights: Explore the benefits of Operator Connect and discover how to streamline your deployment.

Partner Showcases: Engage with SIPPIO’s strategic partners and discover cutting-edge solutions to enhance your Teams experience.

Closing Panel: Recap key takeaways and get expert advice on turning knowledge into action.

Fleet Week is a free-to-attend virtual event open to the entire SIPPIO community, including:

  • Channel Partners
  • Strategic Partners
  • Carriers
  • End Users
  • Technology Enthusiasts

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with the community, gain valuable insights, and unlock the full potential of voice communication in Microsoft Teams.


From industry insights and product roadmaps to partner showcases and actionable takeaways, Fleet Week has something for everyone.

Monday, August 5

Tuesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 7

Thursday, August 8

Friday, August 9

Speakers & Panelists

Steve Forcum

Director of Program Management

Taimoor Husain

Global Telco Strategy Lead

Zeus Kerravala

Principal Analyst
ZK Research

George Tarzi

Director of Development & Innovation

Ernie LaBara

Chief Growth Officer

Stay tuned – we’ll be announcing more soon.

Join us August 5-9

Ready to set sail for the future of voice communication in Microsoft Teams? Don’t miss your chance to gain invaluable insights, connect with industry leaders, and discover the strategies that will drive your success.