Ultimate Guide to Microsoft Teams Phone

Everything you need to know about making and receiving phone calls in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams, formerly known as Skype for Business is a business collaboration platform. With over 270 million daily users, its popularity skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic, ushering in a new era for collaborative and hybrid working.

While the platform is best known for its video conferencing, instant messaging and document sharing tools – it also has a rich telephone suite – allowing users to make and receive calls directly in the app.

From small businesses to multi-national enterprises, organizations across the world are realizing that the Microsoft Teams Phone is more than capable of replacing complex business phone systems – eliminating complex hardware, reducing overheads, and most importantly – giving their people a more unified and better-integrated communication experience.

You may be considering migrating to the platform, or have recently learned about it.

In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore the features and functionalities of the Microsoft Teams Phone and the benefits of adopting it in your business.

What is VoIP?

Before we dive in and learn more about Microsoft Teams Phone, we need to understand the technology that underpins it.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that allows people to make and receive phone calls over an internet connection, rather than a typical landline. It converts digital signals to analogue and vice versa, meaning people can speak with each other whether they’re calling from a traditional phone, cell phone or internet phone.

Other than being connected via the internet, VoIP phones are like any other phone – they can have numbers, handsets, accessories and a lot more!

What is Microsoft Teams Phone?

Microsoft Teams Phone is a VoIP phone, meaning it uses the internet to make and receive calls – but it can dial and receive calls from cell phones, landlines and other VoIP phones too.

Instead of picking up a handset on your desk, you can make can receive calls from within the Microsoft Teams app on your computer or mobile device. You can set up a phone on your desk too if you want.

On top of the usual things you’d expect from your standard phone – the Microsoft Teams Phone has additional features that improve the overall communication experience for the people that use it.

The best thing about Microsoft Teams Phone is that it forms part of the Microsoft 365 suite, meaning it integrates seamlessly with other tools such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics.

Microsoft Teams Phone Features

As one of the market-leading cloud calling platforms, Microsoft Teams Phone has an enviable set of features and functions:

  • Inbound and Outbound Calls (Direct Routing)
    Just like any other phone, Microsoft Teams Phone will allow you to make and receive calls to any number globally. The platform does not have regional limitations and can even reach the furthest spots on the globe. Most importantly, users receiving calls don’t have to have Microsoft Teams.
  • Voicemail
    Callers can leave a voicemail which can be picked up directly in the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Call Recording
    Users can record incoming and outgoing calls and playback later.
  • Call Portability
    Users can transfer a call to different users, or different devices such as a cell phone or conference room.
  • Video Integration
    Calls can be elevated to a video meeting seamlessly with just one click.
  • HD Calling
    Say goodbye to “sorry, can you repeat that please?” because when it comes to call quality, digital platforms consistently perform better than traditional and mobile networks.
  • SMS
    You can send and receive SMS (text messages) to cell/mobile numbers from Microsoft Teams Phone.
  • Integrations
    Microsoft Teams Phone has rich integrations for platforms such as Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot and more.

System admins users can set up and access:

  • Call Management Tools
    Auto Attendants, Call Routing, Call Queues and other features can be configured in the Teams admin center.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    Track call logs, volumes, length and quality directly from Microsoft Teams.
  • Advanced Enterprise Features
    Remote device management and provisioning, contact center integration, single sign-on and E911 management are all available.
  • Bring Your Own Carrier
    While call plans are available directly from Microsoft, you can choose to enable calling on Microsoft Teams Phone via your existing provider.

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How much does Microsoft Teams Phone cost?

You may be thinking that all those features and functionalities come with a hefty price tag, but the Microsoft Teams Phone is one of the most competitively priced business phone systems on the market.

Call plans vary per region, and will depend on whether you buy direct from Microsoft or via your existing carrier.

Microsoft Teams Phone Benefits

If the features alone haven’t swayed you to consider Microsoft Teams Phone, lets take a look at some of the business benefits:

  • Enhanced Connectivity
    Stay connected with your colleagues and the outside world from a single unified platform. No longer tied to a single location, your business line can now be in your pocket, or your laptop – anywhere in the world.
  • Security
    Microsoft Teams requires multi-factor authentication and calls are encrypted with end-to-end technology.
  • Flexibility
    Convert a voice call to a video meeting with just one tap.
  • Affordable
    Starting from as little as $8.00 per user per month, Microsoft Teams Phone plans are one of the best priced on the market.
  • Simple
    The Microsoft Teams Phone is user-friendly, and as your users are already familiar with Microsoft Teams, they won’t need any additional training or guidance. And with one less thing to manage, your IT team will thank you too.
  • Reliable
    Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Teams Phone are well-known for reliability and their always-up service.

How do I get Microsoft Teams Phone?

There are a variety of options available for organizations wanting to set-up or migrate to Microsoft Teams Phone.

If you already have a contract or relationship in place with a carrier – you might already be able to use Microsoft Teams Phone via Operator Connect. A list of Operator Connect providers is available in your Microsoft Teams admin center. You can enquire about new contracts here too.

If you’re a smaller business or have the in-house technical expertise to manage your phone system, you can purchase a call plan directly from Microsoft in the admin center.

Perhaps you have an IT-managed service provider taking care of your infrastructure – ask them about enabling voice in Microsoft Teams. If they don’t already use SIPPIO, they could get your new phone system set up in a matter of hours.

In summary, the Microsoft Teams Phone is a powerful tool that allows you to make and receive phone calls, directly from the Microsoft Teams app. It provides an integrated and unified solution fit for today’s workforce.

For more information, speak with our Microsoft Teams Phone experts.