WATCH: SIPPIO Operator Connect Masterclass

SIPPIO’s Operator Connect Masterclass provides an in-depth understanding of one of the industry’s emerging developments.

Hosted by SIPPIO’s Steve Forcum alongside a panel of experts, the webinar explores the various facets of Operator Connect, from its foundational principles to its practical implications for carriers, partners, and the wider market.

Taimoor Husain, Global Telco Strategy Lead at Microsoft, explained Operator Connect’s role and significance, setting the stage for a focused discussion on its impact.

Adam Ball, CTO at Cloud Revolution, who is in the process of an Operator Connect provider in partnership with SIPPIO, shared insights into customer demand and the decision-making behind embracing the program.

Dino Caputo, Co-Founder and Lead Technical Architect at Enable UC, dissected the program’s technical framework, highlighting the role of accelerators in expediting the onboarding process.

The discussion was rounded off with a Q&A that covered an array of topics, including how Operator Connect and Direct Routing can co-exist beneficially when integrated through platforms like SIPPIO.

For more information about Microsoft Teams Phone and the Operator Connect program, speak with an expert.

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