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Calling Limitations to China

China has recently updated their policies for people and businesses making international calls into the country.

SIPPIO is proactively providing you with a notification to share with your customers to manage expectations and continue providing high-quality service. This information will provide your customers with the policy details and guidelines.

We urge you to read and quickly disseminate this communication. Following these guidelines will provide the best probability of success, although there’s no guarantee that the local regulatory agency will accept their incoming call.

Unfortunately, Toll Fraud is a common risk in the telecommunications industry. SIPPIO and its partners have implemented key strategies to reduce the risk of toll fraud on behalf of its customers, along with comprehensive alerting and monitoring systems. However, as malicious actors continue to become more sophisticated, the complete elimination of toll fraud is unlikely.

As part of this key strategy, SIPPIO, with our partners, retains a list of high-risk calling destinations that are frequently exploited. These high-risk destinations are blocked by default at a network level.

Customers, from time to time, may have a legitimate reason to require calling to these destinations, therefore we need to ensure that customers understand that the responsibility for avoiding toll fraud ultimately rests with the Customer and that the Customer understands that the removal of blocking mechanisms may increase the risk of fraud. As such, our policy is that the Customer should explicitly agree to accept the associated risks of unblocking the high-risk destination.

Limitations to International Calls to China

Due to strict spam monitoring, and regulations on communications terminating to China, access to international calling to China must follow the guidelines below for the best probability of success although we do not make any guarantees that the local regulatory agency will allow for your call.

This form requires your agreement to be compliant with the below requirements.

  • Make no calls with a duration shorter than 3 minutes
  • Make no unsolicited marketing calls
  • Make minimal repeat calls from the same number in a rolling hour
  • Make no calls from invalid, modified, or spoofed origination (From) numbers
  • Any international calls from a Chinese number will be blocked
  • Calls must be sent from an international, non-China number when making calls to China
  • All calls received must follow the E164 format

Access is provided and can be removed at a carrier’s discretion. Access does not guarantee calls will not be blocked

Notice: Callers not adhering to these rules may risk being blocked without notice. Spam monitoring in China happens downstream from carrier to carrier and as such have limited control. Call delivery to China will be made on a reasonable-effort basis.

By using the SIPPIO service, it is agreed that SIPPIO will not be held liable for any toll fraud event that occurs as a result of unblocking the high-risk destination. Furthermore, the said Customers accepts and agrees to pay for any call charges that relate to the toll-fraud event where the calls originated from the Customer’s network and said DID’s or on the Customer’s account, even if those calls were unauthorized. Customer agrees that these charges will be paid in full within 30 days of invoice.

This is agreed on behalf of the Customer’s representative when utilizing the SIPPIO service.