Drive More Value in
Collaboration with SIPPIO

Looking for a complete end to end solution to enable
voice capabilities in Microsoft or Zoom?

SIPPIO enables full calling capabilities in minutes with automated activation and user management tools. Available in 60+ countries with toll free and emergency services, there’s no code, no build and no maintenance. Everything you need is included in the monthly per user subscription. Adding calling capabilities will achieve a higher return on investment for your collaboration suite.


Fully integrate
your business
telephone into Microsoft and Zoom.

Have an existing
legacy phone system?
No problem.

SIPPIO provides full calling capabilities in Microsoft and Zoom with a ready-to-use cloud application. By using Direct Routing or Cloud Peering, you receive full voice capabilities with international availability in 60+ countries and toll-free & emergency services. There’s no deployment, no code, no migrations, and activation only takes minutes.


Increase Productivity with
Collaboration using SIPPIO

Activate in less than 10 minutes.

SIPPIO is simple to deploy, easy to consume, affordable and very predictable. Providing users with full voice capabilities in Microsoft and Zoom with SIPPIO will promote more engaged one on one conversations and decrease meeting fatigue.


Access Voice in Microsoft and Zoom anywhere, anytime.

Activate in less than
10 minutes.

By adding SIPPIO to Microsoft and Zoom, you can now place and receive external calls will full telephony functions.


SIPPIO Welcomes and Expands Voice Offerings with Zoom

“Zoom is excited to announce SIPPIO as a Cloud Peering partner,” said Laura Padilla, Head of Channels & Business Development, Zoom. “SIPPIO’s expertise in voice will offer a simplified interconnection experience as an aggregator and provider of carrier services to [...]


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