Partner Portal 2.1.0


  • Add New Partner functionality to add partner in One Bill.
  • View list of Partners in Home plug & Partners list page.

Distributor view / Proxy Access

  • SIPPIO accounts, Distributors, Global Partners, T1 Partners can be provided with Proxy Access privileges so that they can view the details of their child partners.
  • Choose Partner Account (Proxy Access) from hierarchical list of partners.
  • Below pages/functionalities can be viewed or updated with Proxy Access
    • Partners
    • Customers/Subscribers
    • Numbers Inventory & Admin Controls (Departments, Number Types, Carriers, Devices)
    • E911 Address Update
  • Proxy Access Override configuration by Root User

Partner Business Profile

  • Turn on or off the proxy account access by a partner. If proxy access is turned off, parent accounts (SIPPIO/Distributors) can’t view or update.

User Access

  • Improve the load time of User Add/Edit pages


  • Porting & Activation forms with additional fields such as Location, Address, Notes
  • Wrike & Email notification subject & message changes
  • Quote number in subject
  • Country name & additional fields in message
  • Product Term link with icon to open the Terms link. Remove Terms & Conditions link at the bottom of Quote Preview.

E911 Address Updates

  • Changes to Canada address to display ZIP code of 7 characters.

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