Partner Portal 2.3.0

Quotes in the Subscriber view

  • Subscriber can create quote and submit RFQ to Partner.
  • Subscriber has the options of Save Draft (visible only to subscriber), Request Quote (visible to partner), Confirm Quote (confirmation to partner)
  • Subscriber can View the versions of quote, Preview the quote, Download PDF, Download CSV, Upload proof documents, View timeline calendar and choose date & time for porting/activation

Quotes in Partner view

  • Partner can view the quotes requested/confirmed by subscriber.
  • Partner can update the requested quote (ex: apply discount)
  • Partner can submit the order for the confirmed quote from subscriber.
  • View timeline calendar for activation/porting. Choose the date while preparing quote or submitting order. Time selection available for US & Canada services.
  • Order submit pop-up will display the timeline calendar & option to change schedule date
  • Provide PO Number while ordering

Partner Payments

  • Partner can make payment to SIPPIO using the due amount of Buy Invoices (IN) or providing the amount.
  • Currency of the amount to be paid by Partner is determined based on the Currency configured for partner.
  • Payment methods of Card and ACH (US Bank Account for USD currency accounts) are available.

Product Catalog in Partner view

  • Order button of Product re-directing to Quotes page.

Product Catalog in Subscriber view

  • Display Order button for Products and re-directing to Quotes page

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