Partner Portal 2.6.0

E911 Address

  • Change the label to E911/999 Emergency Address in all places of Partner view & Subscriber view

Operator Connect Phase 1

  • Operator Connect functionalities with Microsoft Operator Connect APIs integration (without storing/sync to SIPPIO database).
  • Configuration
    • Save the Operator (Partner) configuration details such as Operator Id, Client Id, Client Secret with encryption. These details will be used for connecting to Microsoft Operator Connect APIs.
  • Subscribers list with consent status
    • Display the list of Customers (Subscribers) accepted consent in Microsoft Teams Admin Center using MS OC APIs
    • Provide functionality to update the Customer Relationship Status.
  • Addresses
    • Display the list of Addresses of the Customers.
  • Number Management
    • Get the Calling Profiles of Operator.
    • Get the Usage Plans of Operator.
    • Upload one or more numbers with Calling Profile, Usage Plan, Address to Microsoft Operator Connect.
    • Perform the numbers upload functionality in the backend.
    • Display the list of Numbers uploaded to Microsoft Operator Connect account.
    • Display the recent numbers upload status information.

CPQ/Quote changes

  • Automatically display pre-configured partner logo in Customize Quote, View Quote, Download Quote pages of Partner view.
  • Automatically display pre-configured partner logo in View Quote, Download Quote pages of Subscriber view.

Carrier Connect changes

  • Distributor should be able to view, activate, deactivate, delete the numbers of their partner’s subscribers.
  • Distributor’s Routing Regions, User Groups, Inbound/Outbound Rules will be used.

Numbers Inventory

  • Added new field ‘Classification’ to display the number’s type such as Parked, Production, Test, Trial, Warehouse.
  • This Classification field is displayed in Numbers Inventory page of Partner view & Subscriber view.
  • ARM Numbers import Scheduler job is modified for this new field.
  • Impacted programs such as Subscriber Numbers monthly report job, Carrier Connect numbers activation/deactivation, Numbers import & export, Emergency Address update are modified for this new field.


  • Product Clone
    • Provide the functionality to clone the product details and pricing plans to a new product.
    • Product details, Resources, Links, etc. are cloned to new product.
    • Pricing Plans (Porting/Activation) clone is optional.
    • Pricing Plan’s country-wise pricing configuration data, Required Documents, Availability Conditions, etc. are cloned.
  • Product Descriptions
    • Modified the SIPPIO Products description data with non-branded information.

Call Detail Records

  • Modify the CDR import scheduler job code to allow the duplicate row items of CSV file, which are not really duplicates.
  • Perform the one-time process of removing the unique key constraint of CDR database container and re-load the records.
  • CDR Archive container is created for storing the old months data. Recent 3 months data is maintained in CDR main container.
  • Developed a scheduler job to move the old data from CDR main container to CDR archive container.
  • Modified the Billing section Invoice based CDR download functionality to download from CDR main or archive container based on data availability.
  • Modified Subscriber view Usage download functionality.

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