Extend Microsoft Office 365 with
SIPPIO Direct Routing for Teams

SIPPIO Connect Solutions



Unlimited Domestic Calling

Aligned to Market Pricing

Pay-As-You-Consume International Calling

Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Teams

No Minimum Commit


Grow at Your Own Rate

Legacy Connect

Attach to Teams
or Enterprise Connect

Seamlessly Integrate with
Legacy Systems

Global Connect

Attach to Teams
or Enterprise Connect

Presence & Numbers
in 60 Countries  

Educational Connect

EDU-only Pricing 

Traditional Classrooms
with Educator Mobility

SIPPIO Benefits

Built-On Azure’s Global Secure Data Centers

Drives Total Collaboration by Adding Voice

Opt Into New Phones Built for Teams

Unifies Handsets, Soft Clients, Web & Mobile Devices

Leverages Microsoft Phone System

Flexible Calling Plans Meet Business Needs

Fast to Deploy and Easy to Manage

Comprehensive Tool Set

Easily Upgrade Skype for Business to Teams

Integrate Legacy Telephony Systems with Teams