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Amplitel Technologies Finds the Future of Voice in Microsoft Teams with SIPPIO

When Amplitel Technologies, a managed service provider in Wisconsin, needed urgent assistance with a customer issue, they turned to SIPPIO and never looked back.

When Amplitel Technologies, a managed service provider in Wisconsin, needed urgent assistance with a customer issue, they turned to SIPPIO and never looked back.

Nate Lahm, Relationship Manager at Amplitel Technologies shares his thoughts on SIPPIO and our Microsoft Teams Phone solution.

Tell us about your first encounter with SIPPIO

A customer was looking to migrate from a legacy phone system to a Microsoft Teams Phone-based solution. We’d already contracted another voice enabler, but things were moving really slow and with only seven days to go until our customer’s old phone system was switched off – we had to move fast and make other plans to avoid downtime.

I’d heard good things about SIPPIO, so I reached out to the team to see if they could help. We had an aggressive timeline, and fortunately, they were able to complete the migration almost instantly with zero issues. The speed and efficiency of the SIPPIO team mean we averted a big crisis.

How would you describe working with SIPPIO?

In one word – refreshing. SIPPIO has been nothing short of fantastic. Migration processes are completed in less than half an hour, and I always know I can reach out and get support if we need it. The SIPPIO team are always willing to go above and beyond to meet our needs.

The platform stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market. Now that we’ve had time to explore all the features and functionality, we’re really excited about growing our business with SIPPIO.

What would you say is SIPPIO’s stand-out feature?

Definitely the partner and customer apps – it’s slick, and frictionless and means we can take care of our entire Microsoft Teams Phone portfolio from one place.

We were used to lengthy, complex, and convoluted processes when it came to managing anything with voice, but with SIPPIO, it’s an automated, hands-off, problem-free solution. It’s unreal how easy it is.

It’s a great experience for my colleagues, but more importantly, for our customers too because we can deliver new products and provide support at lightning speed.

How have your customers responded to voice in Microsoft Teams? 

They love it. Being able to take calls anywhere means they can work anywhere which is all anybody wants to do nowadays.

But the fact we can deliver instant activations and migrations with SIPPIO saves them a considerable amount of time; and for the first time, they can configure a voice solution in real-time that grows and scales with them.

Will you be rolling-out SIPPIO powered services to all your customers?

We’ve already migrated a number of existing clients over to SIPPIO and have many more in the pipeline to complete this year.

From now on, we’ll only be using SIPPIO to manage our Microsoft Teams Phone services – we’ve seen the future and there’s no going back.

Would you recommend SIPPIO to other service providers?

100% – the speed, simplicity and excellent customer service make SIPPIO a top choice for companies like Amplitel Technologies. The user-friendly platform and outstanding team make it a must-have partner for any managed service provider looking to integrate voice in Microsoft Teams.

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