Success Stories

Consulting Giant Modernizes Communications with SIPPIO

A global consulting giant streamlines voice communications and makes significant savings with SIPPIO and Microsoft Teams Phone.

A world-renowned consulting firm was struggling to keep up with the demands of modern communication. Their outdated on-premise phone system, a patchwork of legacy hardware and multiple SIP providers, was expensive to maintain, difficult to update, and hindered seamless collaboration across their global network.

They craved a solution that would simplify their communications, enhance employee experiences, and reduce costs.

The Solution

SIPPIO stepped in to transform their communications infrastructure. By leveraging SIPPIO’s voice enablement platform, the consulting firm seamlessly upgraded to Microsoft Teams Phone. This transition involved meticulously migrating over 1000 users and 2500 DIDs, a complex process that included global carrier negotiations and porting coordination.

Understanding the firm’s needs, SIPPIO implemented a carefully crafted, phased rollout. This minimized disruptions and allowed for a smooth transition across all the company’s global offices.

“With so many locations and carriers involved, we were worried about downtime and complex migrations,” said the firm’s Chief Information Officer. “SIPPIO’s expertise in global porting and their commitment to a phased approach gave us complete peace of mind.”

The Result

The transition was flawless, thanks to SIPPIO’s meticulous planning and dedicated customer success team. The consulting firm now enjoys:

  • Streamlined Communication: A unified Microsoft Teams Phone environment for voice, video, and collaboration.
  • Cost Savings: Significant reduction in maintenance and management expenses.
  • Simplified Management: No more headaches with multiple SIP providers. SIPPIO provides centralized management through a single dashboard.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Employees across the globe can work more efficiently with seamless Teams communications.

“We’ve seen a real boost in collaboration since moving to Teams Phone with SIPPIO,” noted the CIO. “Our teams are more connected, and the cost savings have allowed us to invest in other impactful technologies.”

Manny Oliveira, Account Manager at SIPPIO, added, “We’re thrilled to have helped this global consulting leader modernize their communications. Our commitment to customer success is what sets SIPPIO apart.”

SIPPIO: Your Partner in Voice Enablement

SIPPIO is the trusted choice for organizations seeking to empower their Microsoft Teams or Zoom environments with reliable, global voice capabilities. Talk to us to discover how SIPPIO can help your organization achieve communication excellence.