Join Zoom Provider Exchange with SIPPIO

Get to market faster than ever before – utilize SIPPIO’s global infrastructure to bring voice into Zoom. 

Zoom Provider Exchange

Why SIPPIO's Provider Exchange Platform?

Over 500,000 businesses communicate on Zoom. Give your customers the freedom and flexibility to make and receive phone calls directly inside their favourite conferencing app.

SIPPIO enables seamless, secure and simple cloud peering connectivity between Zoom Phone and your PSTN service, with an intuitive migration app available in the Zoom marketplace.

Accelerate your time to market with SIPPIO, the fully hosted platform with the infrastructure, toolset, automation, asset management and CPQ capabilities you need to enable voice.

SIPPIO is the fastest and easiest way to connect your network and activate your subscribers. In a matter of minutes, your dial tone will be available in SIPPIO’s platform – ready for testing and ready to sell.


The first platform certified by Zoom

SIPPIO offers the most complete platform to enable your Zoom Provider Exchange service. SIPPIO saves time, investment and development; taking care of long-term maintenance, upgrades and support overheads too. 

Architecture and Coverage

The heart of SIPPIO is the platform reach and architecture; designed and engineered for massive scale in the largest enterprises, to mid-market companies and small businesses. 

Why choose SIPPIO?