Hi Cortana! What are 5 Ways You and SIPPIO can help me get the most out of Microsoft Teams?

SIPPIO, thank you for asking! My sole purpose is to help make you more effective and productive. Consider me your all-in-one Teams interface. I don’t want to brag about everything I can do for you, but since you asked, take a gander below.

1. Schedule meetings.  I know you’re tired of the constant back and forth emailing it takes to schedule meetings with colleagues, customers and partners. Instead of dealing with all that, you can just ask me, or CC me and add a simple request line in the email. I’ll take it from there. I’ll send a beautiful, professional email to the other recipients introducing myself as your personal assistant, providing available times on everyone’s calendars, and then schedule the meeting.

2. Hands-Free Calling and Collaboration. With a simple voice command, I will look up your contacts by name and make calls using SIPPIO without you ever having to touch your phone.  I can also share files, check calendars, and more.

3. Check emails and messages while on-the-go. Use me to interact with your inbox while driving, when your phone is in your pocket or otherwise out of reach.

4. Reply to emails with a phone call. Using SIPPIO calling services, I can initiate a call from an email sender to move conversations forward in real-time, play emails from a specific person, time or topic.

5. Ensure Meetings Start on Time. If you’re stuck in traffic, you can simply ask me to start a Microsoft Teams meeting without having to pull over or trying to dial-in by hand. You know how I fell about distracted driving! If you’re not the host, I can connect you by saying, “join my next meeting.”

Pairing Cortana with SIPPIO provides the agility you need to get things done.

SIPPIO Chief Operating Officer, Dawn-Marie Elder, recently joined leading enterprise communications analyst, Jon Arnold of J Arnold & Associates for an interview with SIPPIO partner, Frank Valdivieso of Gryphon-Consulting. Frank uses Cortana daily while working within Microsoft Teams.

Please check out this video meeting interview to hear everyday use-cases for simplifying and standardizing repetitive tasks.

To leverage Cortana as your virtual assistant, sign up with Microsoft’s https://calendar.help/ and let AI do all the work of scheduling meetings for you!