I really appreciated this recent article from Tim Proctor at No Jitter ‘6 Reasons Companies Still Overspend on Telecom’ since it raises some good questions in today’s modern workplace:

1. Do companies still need/value traditional telco solutions?

  • As we settle into remote working; collaboration solutions like Microsoft Teams drives ROI, cost savings, ease of use, increases collaboration adoption and provides the same user experience across devices.
  • Further, voice can be bundled into the same application to increase productivity. Many customers have entitlement to Teams with their Microsoft agreement and may not realize calling is free across Teams to Teams users.
  • Technology advancements have simplified the world of switches, channels, trunking, bursting, servers, closets, analog faxing, hard wiring and cables, jacks etc. with cloud enabled telephony so customers no longer need a separate, disparate telecom solutions for talk and listen.
  • Likewise, SaaS models offer per user per month or consumption based usage plans which greatly simplify the billing and overspending exposure. Most true SaaS models don’t require committed contracts and allow flexibility to opt in/out or up/down as business flexibility necessitates.

2. If you are considering Microsoft, what key features do you require to favor Voice in Teams over traditional Telco?

  • Analog support is a struggle but voicemail, auto attendance, call queues, parking, hunting and transfer are easy features; watch our simple feature set-up videos.
  • Onboarding Voice into Teams should be a simple, automated, no-code, no PowerShell, in Teams-App experience; view our Voice App to see how quickly users can be activated.
  • Did you know Microsoft’s roadmap is based on your input? They proactively utilize your votes to prioritize their development schedule. Become an active contributor on behalf of your partners and customers to influence recent additions such as 3×3 Meetings, Hand Raise, IM Pop-outs, Backgrounds and many more. The pending roadmap includes 7×7 Meetings, Lobby Settings, Safe Transfer, Chat Translation and much more. It’s amazing how agile their development sprints have become.

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