Microsoft Teams continues to quickly innovate and produce new features in monthly sprints and delighting over 85 million active daily users. Visit my friend Tom Talk’s blog to read about new features coming later this summer including: Together Mode, Dynamic Stage, Chat Bubbles, Filters and more.

The continued velocity of these new feature releases demonstrates a key advantage of software-as-a-service. There’s very little wait time between a feature request and getting it into the hands of end users. Like binge watching your favorite Netflix series; it’s what makes today’s workforce nimble and better able to adapt to changing market conditions.

We put in Voice in Teams so your company can quickly adopt voice capabilities. Better than a calling plan and simpler than direct routing, SIPPIO was designed and built as-a-service for voice.

Your org will launch in minutes with our ‘In Teams’ Voice App. Save time and expense with a choice of an unlimited or consumption based plan. Reduce overhead of your admin resources by clicking to add or update users, plans and polices with the click of a button.

Migrate at will from Skype or a legacy PBX with our upgrade paths. Continue to support analog devices as needed. Add phones or headsets as a device-as-a-service. Sound simple enough? Come trial the Voice in Teams solution. With thousands of satisfied customers using it in Teams every day, we’d be happy to help amplify your Voice in Teams.