Enhancing Customer Service with SIPPIO CX: Part 1 – Empowering Organizations Without Dedicated Contact Centers

Many businesses use Microsoft Teams' automatic call distribution (ACD) for customer service. But can it truly replace a dedicated contact center platform?

In today’s dynamic business environment, providing exceptional customer service is paramount. For many organizations, this means investing in dedicated employees who process customer inquiries across various voice and digital touchpoints.

A Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform often acts as the gateway for these interactions, connecting customers with the right resources and providing business intelligence to supervisors. However, many organizations do not operate full-time contact centers.

Instead, they use Microsoft Teams’ automatic call distribution (ACD) functionality to connect internal and external callers with the experts who can help them. These organizations often lack options for gaining actionable insights and maintaining compliance and quality.

Introducing SIPPIO CX

SIPPIO CX is a best-of-breed suite of solutions designed to help organizations leverage the familiar Teams user experience to better serve their customers across various digital touchpoints.

It provides actionable insights using analytics, maintains compliance with call recording, and harnesses AI to increase efficiency and enhance quality.

For organizations that find full CCaaS offerings prohibitively expensive, overly complex, and more functionality than required, SIPPIO CX, through our partnership with Tollring, offers a more tailored and fit for purpose solution.

Partnership with Tollring: Analytics 365 Platform

Through our collaboration with Tollring, built on the powerful Analytics 365 platform, we offer three cost-effective solutions that deliver powerful insights and compliance features without the hefty price tag and complexities of traditional contact center solutions.

Here are the key benefits:

  • SIPPIO Reporting by Analytics 365: With real-time and historical analytics, you can understand call traffic and optimize staff for customer interactions. This browser-based solution integrates with Microsoft Teams to pull performance records from your existing ACD call flows, providing actionable insights into calls received, average speed of answer, calls abandoned, and more. Dashboards can also be created to provide at a glance updates into call queues, in near real time, including available agents, agent status, number of calls in queue, longest call waiting, and more.
  • SIPPIO Call Recording by Analytics 365: All calls are recorded and stored in compliance with industry regulations, improving accountability and transparency across the organization.
  • SIPPIO Call Recording + AI by Analytics 365: The insights from customer conversations can be invaluable for business decision-making. However, due to scale issues, it’s impossible for supervisors to listen to every recording. Artificial Intelligence can evaluate EVERY call recorded for quality assurance and training purposes and as a result the recordings that need attention are brought to the surface.

Why Choose SIPPIO CX?

SIPPIO CX offers a suite of solutions tailored to empower organizations using Microsoft Teams to better serve their internal and external customers. It bridges the gap between basic call handling and full-fledged contact centers, providing essential tools to enhance customer service effectively and affordably.

In our next post, we will dive deeper into how SIPPIO CX and our partnership with Solgari bring an advanced AI-enabled customer engagement solution to organizations requiring comprehensive digital contact solutions.

Stay tuned for more insights on transforming your customer service operations with SIPPIO CX.