Exciting New Features Available in SIPPIO Partner Portal

Release Version v3.1 Release Date: August 17, 2021

Welcome to SIPPIO Partner Portal Release v3.1. We have added new features to Partner Portal©. SIPPIO continues to add Voice Panel© functionality (used by customers) in Partner Portal (used by partners) to ensure carriers and partners can drive value by having the capability to work on behalf of their customers. Kindly review the key features:


  • Support Tickets and Feedback can be opened directly in the application; provides auto-fill and ability to add attachments
  • Numbers Inventory provides Admin controls to customize/restrict access to Customer’s number inventory and assign ability to view add, edit, delete, import & export numbers
  • Orders provides Admin controls to assign Partner user access to view subscription costs or place orders for customers
  • Billing Summary provides invoice status indicators to denote whether an invoice is paid (green), coming due (yellow) or overdue (red). Also includes a date range indicator with preset or custom date ranges
  • Invoice Status displays due date and amount due for invoice and the ability to select date ranges
  • Business Profile provides ability for a Partner to add a business description to display to all users with access to the account (up to 200 characters)
  • Communication Suite provides email notifications to prompt new users to complete Partner Portal registration
  • Product Catalog displays default user view based on location (i.e. US, CA, UK) and currency (USD, CAD, GBP); user can toggle to others

For Carriers

  • Carrier Connect provides registered carriers capabilities to activate end users, bulk upload number inventory and assign and/or store numbers. Carriers can always modify numbers with activate, deactivate, hold or delete functions.


  • APIs initially released include: Add Subscriber/Customer, Get Subscriber List, Get Numbers Belonging to Subscriber, Add Numbers to a Subscriber, Activate/Deactivate/Delete Numbers of a Subscriber. Partners seeking APIs should contact their Partner Success Manager for a nomination form.

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