Since 1997, I’ve worked from home, customer offices, hotel rooms, classrooms, rental houses, my car, coffee houses, the neighbor’s driveway, beaches, a houseboat, grandma’s, restaurants, airplanes, trains, cabs and cruise ships.

Work from Home has been one of the hottest topics across social media, employers, employees and the news media this spring. As someone that has worked from home the majority of my career it amazed me that so many people aren’t equipped to work from the destination of their choosing.

Obviously some careers and vocations lend themselves to work from a chosen destination better than others however, as the world is dealing with the situation at hand; it’s a good time to think about your organization’s long term strategy for enabling remote working.

Microsoft provides an amazing and integrated platform that follows you wherever you go with Teams. Take a few minutes to browse their new e-book and learn the most important components of putting together a strategy:

  1. Begin with Security and Compliance to ensure privacy
  2. Provide your team with a Collaboration tool that is standard across your organization and partners
  3. Protect deployed endpoints, ensure personal devices are secure
Enabling Voice in Teams provides an easy way to share ideas, get input and solve problems to get work done regardless of where you might be. 100% running in Azure, there’s no hardware, no committed contracts, no professional services and you can opt in/out up/down monthly. Simply select your plan, prepare your Teams tenant, we’ll activate your users and you’ll be ready to use all the phone system features in Teams.

Drop us a line at or ask your favorite reseller how you can put Voice in Teams.