Apple set a new precedence enabling iPhone 11 to be purchased unlocked. We can select any carrier and easily move provider to provider.

Why? We want choice and freedom. The spirit of laissez faire promotes competition in the marketplace. Competition breeds innovation, new features, functionality and typically drives down cost.

Think of Netflix without Blockbuster, Uber without taxis and Microsoft without Apple. Competition promotes survival of the fittest; to out-evolve by adapting and embracing change. Microsoft best illustrates the ability to learn and pivot in these examples.

The traditional telephony PBX is experiencing significant disruptions with new cloud solutions since they are simpler to consume, easier to adopt, reduces hardware and offered in pay-as-you-consume models.

IT executives, CFOs and end users are asking for choice and freedom. Choice of a desk phone or none; end 36-month committed contracts, migrate at will, leverage advanced security and enrich the workday with task automation.

The Microsoft Teams collaboration platform has changed the Voice landscape. Voice is at the heart (and mouth) of how people communicate. A sole interface for all the different ways we collaborate across devices just makes sense.

Putting Voice in Microsoft Teams makes the teamwork hub sticky, drives consumption, saves time and enhances productivity. It’s time to consider cutting the cord off legacy PBX, carrier contracts and concurrent trunking models in favor of modern Voice in the workplace.

What made an iPhone an iPhone? It was an iPod until Steve Jobs put Voice into it. It’s now the device half the world can’t live without and sparked the innovation for the other half of world who can’t live without Android.

Check out the Microsoft Teams collaboration platform and let us know if you want to Put Voice in Microsoft Teams.

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