Partner Portal Overview and Release Notes

SIPPIO creates a strong link between recurring revenue and customer satisfaction with Partner Portal. Intuitive and simple to use, empowers carriers with quote to cash capabilities.

Partner Portal© allows impersonation for work on behalf of an entire, holistic customer portfolio. Generic branding and APIs are available for partners and carriers wishing to build value-added bundles to preserve and attract customers.

  • Create Quotes
  • Place Orders
  • Activate Customers
  • Impersonate
  • Buy Numbers
  • Manage Inventory
  • Assign Policies
  • Prioritize Routes

SIPPIO is an API-led architecture with a committed development roadmap. APIs streamline integration with third-party platforms, allowing solutions providers to import their own SKUs and move underlying data to and from CRM, ERP and billing systems. Access to insights and data intelligence accelerates cashflow by reducing days outstanding for accounts receivable, recognizing top line revenue and automating billing and collection oversight.

The SIPPIO roadmap is organized into monthly development sprints termed ‘waves’. Release notes are published at the beginning of each month for the prior wave release to production. View the current release notes for Partner Portal, access the brochure or watch the video.