SIPPIO Carrier Connect Overview

Carrier Connect is a strategic platform offering that can help Carriers retain margin and diversify their revenue streams today while creating future new recurring revenue streams by creating more value for their customers with collaboration.

As the market for Voice services continues to shift to the cloud, Carriers are challenged with altering their business models and associated offerings. Carrier Connect is an ideal platform offering that can complement carriers in this transformation. Several OTT vendors are now offering cloud voice services either stand alone or as part of a comprehensive UCaaS offering.

Without legacy to protect, these vendors are growing their share of voice services by offering a simple, low-cost alternative to on-premise and hosted PBX players which include many existing carriers. As part of that transformation Carriers are being asked to supply SIP services to these new vendors in what is called Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC). This can place Carriers in a vulnerable position offering a service that is commoditizing rapidly. SIPPIO Carrier Connect is a platform offering that can help address this fundamental challenge.

Carrier Connect consists of the platform, managed SBCs, Azure footprint, APIs and automation tools to facilitate rapid onboarding of end users in conjunction with a carrier’s core SIP and managed service wrap. This provides Service Providers and Carriers with a competitive offering that drives added revenue streams from current and new business customers.

Carriers have the option of providing the activation service on behalf of their customers or as a subscriber self-care model. In addition to core provisioning capabilities, Carriers have access to tools provide greater visibility and control for customers. Capabilities including number inventory, asset management and routing policies provide a full view of the customer landscape. In-app purchases of relevant applications are also part of the platform and another way to increase average revenue per user (ARPU).

For carriers or service providers looking for an ‘easy’ button to supply dial tone into Microsoft Teams, SIPPIO provides the ability to drive velocity with a superior end to end platform.