A trip to the Galapagos Islands helped me learn more about the importance of a healthy ecosystem. The Christmas Iguana is dependent on the sea algae dependent on the Blue-footed Booby dependent on the Sea Lion dependent on the Jerusalem thorn. Symbiotic relationships offer healthy evolution, protection, food sources and balance to thrive.

At SIPPIO, we are building our business with an ecosystem of IT/Telecom Agents, Telecom VARs, Systems Integrators, IT Resellers, Wholesalers and Distributors to enable healthy voice practices, advance trusted advisor relationships, focus on collaboration, modernize desktops and migrate from old telco.

One of the key symbiotic relationships we value is with AudioCodes. When we built our Voice in Teams solution ‘as a service’ for Microsoft Teams, we selected AudioCodes as the heart of our solution to deliver a native and best of breed solution. AudioCodes enables SIPPIO in many ways:

  1.   Azure native solution
  2.   Purpose built for cloud
  3.   Multi-tenant ‘as a service’
  4.   High availability and Dynamic Routing across SIPPIO Azure zones and regions
  5.   Elastic scaling
  6.   World class support staffed with voice expertise

By leveraging AudioCodes’ long history with Microsoft, we architected and developed a secure, compliant and redundant solution. SIPPIO then focused on simplifying the user experience, activating in  minutes, providing migration paths for analog, SfB and legacy telco. Customers barely have to lift a finger.

At this year’s Microsoft Inspire, we thank and celebrate AudioCodes, their executives and our internal advocates for the guidance, belief and support they have provided a small company with big dreams. There’s 750 million aging PBX seats in the world…let’s move them to Voice in Teams!