SIPPIO Portal Update – Release Notes (1.6.1)

We’re excited to announce that the updated SIPPIO Portal is now available. This release brings major improvements to the selling and onboarding process, making winning with SIPPIO easier than ever.

Take a look at the release notes below, or head to the SIPPIO Portal to explore the new features.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Order


  • Select SIPPIO services by country
  • See regulatory requirements by country, with support documents for partners and customers
  • Pre-calculate Selling and Profit on NRC & MRC fees at line level
  • Customize quotes with partner logo and description
  • Export (CSV) and/or send and print (via PDF) all quotes

Quote Versioning

  • Create and modify quote versions
  • View version details (inc. version number, created date, created by)
  • Search and see quote details by version number


  • Display the status of a quote (i.e. ‘Quote Created’, ‘Saved’, or ‘Order Submitted’)
  • Ability to save Quote and Order (Create Wrike task with Quote details)
  • Project Manager assigned and collections of documentation and activation start

Customers/Subscribers and Carrier Connect

Subscriber Onboarding

  • Link multiple partner accounts one email ID (Great for MSP to manage end-customer environments)
  • Partner can create a new subscriber using the in-place email ID or new email ID
  • Partner can pre-select collaboration suites (Microsoft Teams or Zoom) while adding a new subscriber
  • Ability to add access privileges to multiple user accounts

Partner View

Subscriber Admin Controls

  • Departments, Carriers, Number Types can now be added, viewed, and updated
  • Bill Summary – Invoice Status, Billed Amounts, Amounts Due etc.

Subscriber View


  • ‘Numbers’ widget with Total, Managed, Unmanaged Numbers count of Subscriber
  • ‘Collaborators’ widget with tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Voice Panel impersonation
  • ‘E911 Address Update’ widget to add and edit addresses of Managed Numbers
  • ‘Billing’ widget with details of last months’ call usages (CDR)
  • ‘Call Quality’ widget inc. ranking/MOS and the ability to trace a call to see quality and areas of opportunity
  • ‘Profile’ widget and ability to update it to represent the user and the company they are connected to


  • View list of Managed and Unmanaged Numbers of Subscribers
  • Add, modify and delete Unmanaged Numbers
  • Modify Managed Numbers details
  • View, add, modify and delete physical devices linked to numbers and users
  • Departments, Carriers and Number Types can be added, viewed and updated
  • Export Numbers and Devices to CSV file
  • Import Numbers and Devices from CSV file

E911 Address Update

  • Individual number address update of US/CA Country Numbers and Other Country Numbers
  • Bulk numbers address update of US/CA Country Numbers and Other Country Numbers

Billing – Call Detail Records

  • Download the last three months’ Call Detail Records in CSV file format


List Pages

  • Modify all list pages with details of numbers of records and page start and page end record number


  • Tools, service and industry communication widgets at the partner and end-customer view.