The Channel Partner Guide for Voice Enabling Microsoft Teams Part 3

Daily Brew: Part 3 of 5: Special 1 Week Event from SIPPIO

Creating New Streams of Recurring Revenue by Driving Value with SIPPIO

This week, take a quick daily coffee break and invest some time learning more about Microsoft Direct Routing and SIPPIO. Grab your favorite brew and spend a little time on this growing trend and opportunity to Put Voice in Microsoft Teams. We’ve packaged these into short, 10 min reads and at the end of the week, we will provide a conversation guide for you to share with your customers interested in learning how to gain more value from Microsoft Teams.


Like Starbucks, SIPPIO aims to quickly provide you with an amazing ‘first SIP feeling’. Voice enabling Microsoft Teams with SIPPIO provides flexibility and scale with inclusive or consumption-based subscriptions across the largest global footprint available for Direct Routing in today’s marketplace.

SIPPIO was fully architected to leverage the value of Microsoft’s cloud strategy and the natural relationship between Azure and Teams. The end to end solution provides unlimited, non-blocking Tier 1 grade carrier services, secure PSTN calling with Microsoft certified session border controls running in Microsoft Azure across 6 primary and 2 secondary global regions to running multi-tenant in the cloud using super (derived) trunk with E911 services.

A derived trunk is a specialized direct routing SIP trunk used in the Microsoft Teams customer tenant that adopts (or derives) its routing policies from a single isolated and protected carrier tenant. This type of trunk allows for rapid adoption and updates to policies across an entire customer base and eliminates the need for need for dozens of direct routes required by most other solutions.

Benefits of this fully native architecture are the inherit security, scale, high availability, redundancy and failover inclusive with every subscription. Scale enables SIPPIO to handle large and fluctuating call volumes without managing concurrent sessions or bursting overages which dramatically increases uptime and positive user experience.

Sweeter Than Standard Direct Routing Offers

Activate users in minutes through the Voice Panel by SIPPIO with automated tenant provisioning and user onboarding so customers experience a fast, friendly and productive experience of enabling calling capabilities in Microsoft Teams. Instead of waiting months for complex Direct Routing deployments and the first trickle of revenue, your accounts begin producing almost immediately.

Leveraging automation completely changes the transformation challenges associated with moving towards leveraging the voice infrastructure in Microsoft Teams. It provides a user experience completely devoid of friction along with a full graphical interface to the entire voice footprint for ongoing user management, updating routing policies and priorities. This should add a little joy to your day by eliminating the complexity of PowerShell.

The expertise required to deploy, configure, and manage this infrastructure is expensive and difficult to retain. SIPPIO and its partner channels can radically simplify this process for customers. Come back tomorrow for the final installment of this series in which we detail the quantifiable ROI for both channel partners and their customers that only SIPPIO can deliver.