Daily Brew: Part 4 of 5: Special 1 Week Event from SIPPIO

Creating New Streams of Recurring Revenue by Driving Value with SIPPIO

This week, take a quick daily coffee break and invest some time learning more about Microsoft Direct Routing and SIPPIO. Grab your favorite brew and spend a little time on this growing trend and opportunity to Put Voice in Microsoft Teams. We’ve packaged these into short, 10 min reads and at the end of the week, we will provide a conversation guide for you to share with your customers interested in learning how to gain more value from Microsoft Teams.


As a business that brings its solutions to market exclusively through resellers, SIPPIO’s commitment to understanding the landscape in which our partners operate is unwavering. This knowledge allows us to provide solutions end-customers need and are the foundation for sustainable monthly recurring revenue.

Microsoft’s methodology for enabling user productivity and active daily usage in Microsoft Teams is based on consistent utilization of the platform’s many features. Voice enabling Microsoft Teams opens the door for partners to offer complementary services that augment the user experience and increases value. SIPPIO makes it quick and easy for Channel Partners to help customers retire legacy PBX systems and consolidate chat, video, calling and activities to further the perceived trusted advisor status.

For enterprises, SIPPIO also accelerates the opportunity to migrate from legacy telephony, hybrid integration, and Skype for Business (SfB). Partners can provide valued add services for planning, migration, integration or decommissioning of existing solutions while also offering hardware solutions for analog, handsets, headsets or app add-ins such as Five9 Contact Center solutions or call recording and meeting insights from AudioCodes.

For partners, SIPPIO is a vehicle for converting free trials into paying accounts and capitalize on providing services wrappers for MACDs and Teams tenant management. These services offers coupled with a healthy MRR from a SIPPIO subscription build a healthy voice practice and promote long-term customer relationships.

Value, Productivity and Agility

Customers want and need to know they are spending their dollars wisely and making decisions that will stand the test of time to deliver value to their organization. SIPPIO eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure, PSTN connectivity and other unnecessary third-party products. Consolidating enterprise communications with Teams reduces the complexity of managing multiple systems, the drain on compute resources and the risk of non-compliance with regulations such as OSHA and HIPAA.

Focusing on productivity by increasing consistent usage with Voice, coupled with popular features like conferencing, chat and video meetings, encourages user adoption and also benefits employee wellness, engagement and overall empowerment. Demonstrating how your customer can derive more value from their Microsoft investment with end-to-end collaboration should be a key conversation thread broached in every engagement.

In addition, providing a single platform that employees can use on any device and from any location also simplifies their day-to-day experience by streamlining workflows to make a more agile workplace. Adopting this strategy increases visibility and control over an environment in which end-users work from disparate locations, on unsecured devices and in different time zones for whatever the future might hold.

With the largest global service footprint covering 60 countries, 10-minute user activation, infinite flexibility to scale, simplified billing and a choice of inclusive or consumption-based subscriptions, SIPPIO stands apart by enabling partners to be successful trusted advisors for their customers.

We hope you have enjoyed our special ‘Cup of Joe with SIPPIO’ this week. Tomorrow we’ll provide you with the full white paper and a 1 page overview you can utilize to have a conversation about enabling Voice in Microsoft Teams with your customer.