Please take a moment listen to our VideoCast “Voice at Scale” where SIPPIO’s Chief Evangelist, Paul McMillan, was interviewed by Telecom Resellers’ Doug Green. After the initial interview, we fielded a few questions that may help to explain how enabling voice in Microsoft Teams with SIPPIO would drive value in your ecosystem.

What is the sweet spot for SIPPIO Services…SMB, ENT, etc.?

Since SIPPIO leverages the elasticity and scale of Microsoft Azure, the solution works as seamlessly for 1, 10, 100, 1000 or a million users. The environment leverages dynamic trunking to provide economy of scale and respect resources as needed.

SIPPIO goes to market as a Platform as a Service(Paas). PaaS offers are designed to be simple, affordable easy to consume, and procure while being predictable. Changing a usage plan is easy and can be done quickly.

Leveraging SIPPIO for Direct Routing as a Services eliminates the upfront cost of hardware, professional services and deployment. It also foregoes on-going costs like upkeep, maintenance, and upgrades.

Further, this shifts the workload from an IT department to SIPPIO which eliminates extra work hours and downtime to allow focus on higher value activities IT can provide to a business.

SIPPIO PaaS Benefits

  • Aligns to Microsoft Teams model
  • Opt in/out or up/down
  • Single line item billing per user
  • Predictable monthly budget and spend
  • Fully automated activation and ongoing user management
  • Fully monitored with voice experts available 24×7

Will SIPPIO support or engage with my customers during a sales cycle?

Yes! SIPPIO only sells through a channel ecosystem of IT Resellers, System Integrators, Distribution Partners, Master Agents and Carriers. The partner always owns the prime customer relationship and we will engage in your opportunities by invitation as a guest-of yours to support your efforts in describing the solution and advantages.

Channel Partners leverage SIPPIO to unlock new sources of revenue from existing and new customers. Complement collaboration with voice solutions to maximize Microsoft Teams value and adoption. SIPPIO is led by telco, cloud and UC expertise focused on enabling partners to win with voice.

Does SIPPIO have plans to expand to additional markets?

Currently, SIPPIO is offered globally in over 60+ countries with multi-currency support with more countries added as they become available with full Tier 1 grade service. E911 and Next Gen E911 utilizing Intrados’ Intelligent Network is included where available. Voice routing can easily be managed to denote the primary and other priority user locations.

For countries with regulatory reasons which prevent us from offering Tier 1 grade carrier services (China, India, etc.), we offer a ‘bring your own carrier’ option discussed in a subsequent question.

What if my customer already has a carrier or a contract?

SIPPIO offers a variety of options to migrate at will within minutes to the cloud. Customers benefit from the flexibility to opt in/out or up/down monthly in an inclusive or consumption-based plan along with bring your own carrier options.

Leveraging the SIPPIO platform speeds modern workplace adoption with analog device, legacy PBX and SfB migration paths. Automated activation and dedicated voice support deliver maximum customer value. SIPPIO helps businesses go at their speed, scaling to their needs as their work environment grows and as their carrier relationships change.

Does SIPPIO offer features such as Auto Attendant or Calling Queues?

All calling features are part of the Microsoft Phone System and SIPPIO is the subscription to provide the carrier services (think Apple phone with a Verizon contract). Calling queues and auto attendant are both features Microsoft offers. Simply navigate to the Admin Center where you can associate the contact to the extension you would like connected to it. Watch this video to learn more and check out our YouTube channel for more SIPPIO Tips for Microsoft Teams Phone System.

Why do you run in Azure vs. AWS or a private data center?

Microsoft build their Teams solution native to Azure in the cloud. Leveraging Azure, provides the best possible user experience because these solutions were built to work together. SIPPIO is built on Azure to inherit all the security, failover and elasticity of the platform. This ensures we are Tier-D, ISO, SOC, HIPAA, EUMC, PIA and GDPR compliant. The global mesh network and high availability data regions ensure a reliable, resilient solution with end-to-end encryption. Plus, there’s no scripts or code when using the SIPPIO Voice Panel. Running securely on Azure, it’s easy to add, requires no new hardware and can be scaled at any time.

Can you talk about E-911?

SIPPIO supports the 4 different layers of E911. It is important to understand each layer, who is responsible for configuring those layers and how they work together along with the failover support.