With Microsoft Inspire underway, we are expecting an exciting time for collaboration adoption in the coming months. SIPPIO is thrilled to introduce The Voice App. Voice in Teams enables external calling natively from Microsoft Teams. Available as a service from your channel partner, it deploys in minutes and is built on Azure to ensure a reliable, secure, compliant, and redundant voice solution.

The Voice App is available right from within Microsoft Teams under “Apps”. The Voice App was built for and runs directly in Teams to fully automate activation and management for customers and partners. This native Microsoft application prepares the Teams tenant to provision and manage users and completely eliminates the need for PowerShell. The Voice App also provides phone number management and full control of user routing priorities to ensure the best experience for users worldwide.

The RecordIssue 17; Summer Edition, officially announced The Voice App (p. 16) and highlights other Voice in Teams strengths in the Work from Anywhere insert (p. 44) and an interview with COO, Dawn-Marie Elder on Modernizing Voice Communications (p. 70) to demonstrate support for Microsoft’s Continuity via Collaboration initiative (p. 36).

Visit the SIPPIO YouTube Channel and watch the Voice App video to see how quick and easy it is to activate your voice in the cloud. Future releases will include roles-based access to control payment, billing, user features and training along with Next Generation (NG911) enhancements and caller ID. Costly professional services are now fully automated and included natively in SIPPIO’s as a service solution.