SIPPIO’s second birthday is coming up and Adam Cole, CEO, has an exciting announcement.

Adam Cole: We are pleased to announce SIPPIO Partner Portal which is being released on June 18, 2021. Partner Portal © is designed to empower partners and carriers to build and manage a healthy voice practice. It’s 100% built for the partner because the SIPPIO model fully leverages and depends on a channel ecosystem so we wanted to celebrate by providing empowerment capabilities to our partner community.

MSPs benefit from profitability apps to manage revenue.

Adam Cole: At SIPPIO, it’s about one thing and one thing only: PPR (Predictable Partner Revenue). Partners make profit from their sales and valued-added services but many partners don’t have a window into how they will increase productivity and reduce costs. Partners need to make the cash register ring automatically without worrying about erosion, changing technology, and declining renewals.

Partner Portal was envisioned as part of SIPPIO’s original roadmap.

Adam Cole: It really came from a need for IT professionals that manage multiple customers to have a single source of truth. One place to go to manage their entire customer base. Having been in their shoes, I found that most offers don’t enable partners with the ability to manage quote to cash.

Partners really struggle with putting these pieces together on their own. The concept we came up with is to create an entire platform inclusive of the partner’s business needs and empower them to build a successful voice practice. We started the journey with the customer facing side and worked backwards. And here we are today delivering on SIPPIO’s next phase of a complete vision.

SIPPIO designed with the end user in mind to help partners be better Trusted Advisors.

Adam Cole: The reason we love Microsoft is the solution is simple enough for your mom or your CEO to utilize. One thing that Microsoft does well is leverage a single source of truth. Taking the concept of the ‘easy button’, we created a graphical user interface (GUI) to enhance the user experience and exploit the power of Microsoft while removing the requirement to invest in resources highly skilled in Microsoft PowerShell.

With Partner Portal, partners and carriers benefit from the ability to oversee, manage, and act on behalf of their entire customer portfolio in a single portal. They can offer value-added services for moves, adds, changes, and more across their entire portfolio which drives incremental revenue and increases ARPU (average revenue per user).

Now that we’ve got mom and the CEO logging in, we’ve made it easy to administer the rights to users, to assign phone numbers and policies as well as see the entire number inventory across all phone systems, manage assets and easily migrate from legacy systems. Therefore, when the new employee walks in the door, changes location or leaves; updates can be instantaneous.

Partners gain productivity managing their voice practice.

Adam Cole: We mentioned the difficulty many partners and carriers have in managing the quote to cash and keeping CAC (customer acquisition costs) down. Questions partners need to ask are:

  • How do we maximize profit?
  • What new products and services can we make available?
  • How do we maximize quote to cash?

The only way to do this effectively is through a predictable and repeatable process. Many partners think each customer is uniquely different and requires a unique design but ultimately that’s not the case. There are subtle nuances between each customer but most of them require talk and listen, security, reliability, and location awareness.

A healthy voice practice starts with an empowered partner that has the ability to provide accurate customer quotes, quickly turn those into orders to activate customers and earn revenue. Customers benefit from gaining more value from their collaboration tool investment. Partners and carriers will leverage Partner Portal to promote their own productivity, reduce days outstanding for accounts receivable and recognize top line revenue with billing and collection oversight. They can add their own SKUs and use APIs to move data to CRM, ERP or other billing systems.

Partner Portal provides a window into the platform and works with Voice Panel.

Adam Cole: In our model, we’ve built a platform with a window to automate our subscriptions globally while onboarding customers in record time. We pulled this off with a lot of input and feedback from our partners and their customers.

We’ve built out eight data regions globally to provide location proximity and awareness. We then layered the automation app, SIPPIO Voice Panel, available on AppSource, on top to quickly onboard customers. Voice Panel provides benefits beyond standard scripting by providing import utilities, user and policy management and route selection for continuity.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting with the investment of resources, a golden architecture and config running in Azure which leverages superpipes directly into Microsoft Teams and supplies all the customer and partner management apps with support into the SIPPIO global calling platform.

What others are taking 5-7 months to design and implement at high costs is available from SIPPIO to anyone, anywhere and anytime in a very repeatable and easy to maintain model. For partners and carriers, this expediates their quote to cash, protects against revenue deferment and is support-light.

Managing multiple customers is easy.

Adam Cole: A partner has a single plane of glass to manage their entire customer portfolio. Partner Portal promotes agility since it allows a single individual to manage multiple customers at once. Partners are key to the customer experience as the trusted advisor providing ‘last mile love’. Partners and carriers bring tenured experience of doing migrations and activations over and over, so they have the benefit of best practices and lessons learned.

Customers gain from having somebody telling them the best way, the fastest way, and the most economical way to meet their business goals. Therefore, it’s critical the partner be in control of the customer experience. Partner Portal and its sister, Voice Panel, together provide a holistic experience. And…. we are already hard at work for the next set of feature releases later this summer. We’ll be adding a full CPQ, currency expansion, automation for porting and more.

Partner enablement is always top of mind.

Adam Cole: Our partners and carriers have a Channel Account Manager tasked with their initial and ongoing enablement. We offer a full suite of easy-to-follow instructional videos on our YouTube channel to empower self-learning. The solution is so solid that it’s simple to learn and almost impossible to mess up. But if you do, we have voice experts on staff, 24×7 to answer questions and offer support.

SIPPIO Partner Portal was built for the channel.

Adam Cole: SIPPIO is built for scale versus all the one-off solutions out there. The platform and apps allow partners to quickly go after smaller customers and we can accommodate any Fortune 500 company because of our global infrastructure. At SIPPIO, we believe and evangelize ‘as a service’ models because here’s nothing better than having recurring revenue. There’s nothing better than having the cash register just ring automatically at the beginning of the month. There is nothing better than to have a solution that you don’t have to care, feed or worry about.

SIPPIO invites prospective MSPs, partners and carriers of all types and sizes to take us for a spin, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and would love for you to join our ecosystem in driving value, productivity and agility with Microsoft Teams.