Having the Direct Routing Blues?

Is your company attempting to implement Microsoft Direct Routing?  We created SIPPIO Voice to offer Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS) for our customers which saves time, money and resources because Direct Routing takes significant expertise to get it right to ensure your users can always talk and listen. Avoid lengthy professional services engagements and ongoing upkeep.

SIPPIO Voice takes 10 minutes to activate. You just need Teams deployed and Phone System licenses assigned to your users. We take the complexity and pain out of Direct Routing. SIPPIO is 100% built in the cloud across 5 Azure primary, global, redundant regions in a high availability (HA) model and auto-scales from 4 to 5,000 to 200,000 to millions of users. Every call is encrypted end-to-end.

There’s nothing to build, code, manage, upgrade or support because SIPPIO Voice is evergreen. Our experts made the complex very simple. There’s no hidden professional services costs in our per user per month model, no committed contract and you can opt in/out or up/down monthly. Auto provision your users in minutes via our self-service tools which eliminates PowerShell and human coding errors right inside our Panel app.

Migrate-at-Will or we will integrate your legacy voice PBX with Teams. Add phones or headsets as a monthly device as a service. Let’s put your Voice in Teams today.

You Won’t Need:

  • Professional Services
  • Any hardware including SBCs (except maybe a phone or two)
  • In-house expertise
  • Installation or provisioning
  • Updates, upgrades, maintenance or support contracts
  • To manage carrier services, concurrent sessions or bursting
  • Advil or Excedrin ????

View our SIPPIO Voice Solution on Microsoft AppSource or AzureMarketplace.