Launch Your Voice in Microsoft Teams

his week the International Space Station welcomed the first NASA astronauts from America sent into space by a private company. After a spectacular Florida launch, the SpaceX capsule glided in for a problem-free docking to latch in place.

At SIPPIO, we believe Direct Routing should be as easy as gliding the space capsule into place. This is why we undertook the planning, architecture, programming, testing and security to put Voice in Microsoft Teams for our customers. Our solution eliminates all the difficulties and complexities by providing a true end-to-end Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS).

You Don’t Need:

  • Professional Services
  • Any hardware including SBCs (except maybe a phone or two)
  • In-house expertise
  • Installation or provisioning
  • Updates, upgrades, maintenance or support contracts
  • To manage carrier services, concurrent sessions or bursting

If your company is attempting to implement Microsoft Direct Routing, we invite you to test our DRaaS solution. We’ll launch you in minutes via our ‘In Teams Panel’ to ensure your users always have talk and listen.

You’ll save, time and resources utilizing our global Azure footprint; prime to 5 regions; all of which are high availability, redundant, secure and complaint. You don’t have to defy gravity and manage lengthy implementations, upgrades or ongoing upkeep.

Migrate at will or integrate your legacy voice PBX with Teams. Add phones or headsets as a monthly device as a service. Let’s launch your Voice in Teams today.

View the SIPPIO Voice Solution on Microsoft AppSource or AzureMarketplace.