With 115+ Million daily active users utilizing Microsoft Teams, it’s offer of free browser access to students can not be underscored enough. SIPPIO Puts Voice in Microsoft Teams enhancing the learning environment in its secure and compliant platform helping teachers and students adopt to this shifting educational environment.

Microsoft Teams’ already robust feature set which includes hand raising features, white board options, and integrated class and meeting scheduling, has more features coming down the pipe to expand its reach even further.

  • Class Notebook– Tool for teacher to create content and share with students. Students can work together on shared content and also have private space access to their own class notes.
  • Assignments (within Class Notebook) – Create assignments for specific or all students, set “point” value for completion of assignment, set due dates. 
  • Together Mode –When students enable their cameras, teachers can pick up on body language and visual cues of students in a more natural view.


  • Breakout Rooms– Think “lab partners”. Teachers create subgroups within a class so students can work collaboratively during video meetings.
  • Whiteboards– Teachers can use whiteboard during classes but with a new enhancement, the teacher can now restrict / permit access to editing the whiteboard. Also introduces addition of sticky notes to whiteboard.


Our Features for Teachers Video is the perfect place to start exploring how SIPPIO’s enhancements to Microsoft Teams can help maximize your learning environment.

Drop us a line at hello@sippio.io to find out more about SIPPIO.