We are excited to share the new phone system features Microsoft will be releasing in November native to the SIPPIO Voice solution. The full article is available here with a summary below.

Top Highlights:

Missed Call Message Suppression – “enables customers to route calls to a 3rd party PBX without generating a false missed call message in Microsoft Teams”. This is a very exciting feature for customers seeking to integrate with their legacy PBX telephony system. SIPPIO Voice can allow integration from any legacy PBX for customers wishing to migrate at will or if they have a mission critical application that needs to stay in a premise world.

PSTN Reporting – PSTN Call Detail Records (CDR) reports are now available in the Microsoft Teams Admin Centre. SIPPIO Voice also provides a full management panel with our SIPPIO Voice solution providing a full collection of reports. Report and monitor trends, top/bottom users, usage, end user satisfaction, Mean Opinion Scores (MOS), call quality, call details, to/from, time duration, etc. There is also full reporting available from the support and tickets containing incidents, statistics and KPIs. Additional details are Network Status Reports for  Call Statistics/Utilization by Device,  Call Statistics/Utilization by Link; Trend Reports for Call Statistics/Utilization by Device/by Link; Top Users Reports for Calls Count/Duration, Poor Calls Quality/MOS/Jitter/Delay/Packet Loss/Echo/Fax quality/Utilization.

Sneak Peak:

We can’t wait for December because Dynamic E911 is now available in Calling Plans (CP) so we expect like-in-kind functionality will be released for Direct Routing (DR) soon. We anticipate the DR version will work similar to the CP version but states availability is only in the United States. It provides the capability to configure and route emergency calls based on the current location of the Teams client. The ability to do automatic routing to the appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) or to notify security desk personnel varies depending on the country of usage of the Teams user. You can read more about it here.

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