SIPPIO to Host Operator Connect Masterclass

An Exclusive Deep Dive into Microsoft Operator Connect and its Implications for the Microsoft Teams Phone Market.

SIPPIO is excited to announce its first Operator Connect Masterclass.

Scheduled to take place at 11am ET on Thursday, Aug 31, the event promises to be an unmissable session for carriers and resellers who are navigating the world of Microsoft Teams Phone.

Aimed at demystifying Microsoft Operator Connect, the masterclass will offer participants a comprehensive understanding of one of the industry’s most talked-about developments, with a particular focus on helping carriers and resellers recognize, dissect, and leverage the benefits of this new program, ensuring they are positioned to thrive.

A distinguished panel of industry experts will join the stage to offer their insights on market trends, innovations, and future predictions. Including:

  • Steve Forcum – As the Director of Program Management at SIPPIO, an Operator Connect Accelerator, Steve possesses a distinctive vantage point. He will shed light on how SIPPIO’s partners are flourishing, sharing best practices and strategies for success that have been pivotal in their journey.
  • Taimoor Husain – Directly at the helm at Microsoft, where he oversees the Operator Connect program, Taimoor will offer unparalleled insights. Attendees can expect a deep dive into Microsoft’s vision for Operator Connect, and he will also be on hand to address pressing questions about the program.
  • Adam Ball – Serving as the CTO of Cloud Revolution, a managed service provider and a proud SIPPIO partner, Adam brings a multifaceted perspective. He will provide attendees with a partner’s view, elaborating on how his customers are embracing and integrating Microsoft Teams into their operations.
  • Dino Caputo – Representing EnableUC, Dino offers an analyst’s lens on the industry’s pulse. He will dissect emerging market trends, share his observations on current shifts, and furnish participants with invaluable insights on where the industry might be headed next.

With such a diverse panel, attendees are in for a rich tapestry of insights, strategies, and expert opinions, ensuring they can navigate the rapidly evolving terrain of Microsoft Teams Phone.

“To navigate the rapid pace of innovation in the telecom domain, it’s imperative to stay updated and agile. Our masterclass, supported by such distinguished speakers, ensures participants get the best insights available,” says Dawn-Marie Elder, COO at SIPPIO.

Event Details
Date: Thursday, Aug 31, 2023
Time: 11.00 am ET